The People’s Vote March

19th October 2019 Hyde Park Corner

Well, this might be a little bit political but hey…. it is something we feel very strongly about in this family! Tim, Charles and I travelled to London early on the 19th October 2019 with a coach load of people from Norfolk for Europe. We joined a very large crowd of protesters, marching from Hyde Park Corner to Parliament to demand that we, the people, have a say on any deal that is proposed and put forward to the EU by the government on our behalf.

Since the very simplified question of the referendum in June 2016, Leave or Remain, we have been horrified by the lack of insight and preparation for leaving the EU and to put it simply – we now know so much more about the consequences of cutting our long held ties with Europe. In our own British/Swedish/European family we believe that trade deals, regulations and land borders are only a part of the relationship. We fear the loss of co-operation, open-mindedness and understanding for other cultures and languages – and we strongly believe that we are always stronger together.

We are proud to be part of the hundreds of thousands, possibly up to 1,5 million, people who marched that day. It was a day filled with energy, companionship, laughter, empowerment and a bit of cheekiness and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

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