Rugby, rugby, rugby…

The month of March is the height of the rugby season and we are busy driving across the county, and region even, for matches and training. Charles and Eddie play for our local rugby club and this season has been successful for both their teams!

Charles’s beaming smile (left) is the result of finally beating arch rival team Holt in absolutely horrendous conditions to win the Norfolk Cup. His Colt team then went on to win the Eastern Region Final against top team Shelford outside Cambridge (middle), which was a nail-biting game for sure! National Cup next… And Eddie and his team were ecstatic to beat their arch rivals North Walsham (right) after years of defeat, in their Norfolk Cup final.

For someone who grew up in Sweden and had no knowledge of rugby before moving to Britain, I have wholeheartedly fallen in love with the game. I like all fast paced team sports, I played basket ball myself, but I think rugby embraces the team spirit fully in the sense that all shapes and sizes of player is needed, and because players can only pass backwards, no single player can take the glory!

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