One of the wettest Novembers on record…

1st of Advent

To be honest, November was a bit of a damp squib… I had lots of plans of spending crispy sunny hours in the garden, clearing, tidying and planning a few additions for next year but it all got rained away. There were terrible floods in the Midlands and some poor people had their homes and possessions ruined for a second time in recent years. Cries of protest about council cut-backs and inadequate flood defences naturally followed.

Meanwhile, some of our customers and friends in Australia were battling devastating forest fires and draughts. Terrifying images of home owners abandoning their homes and fleeing huge areas on fire kept filling our news reels. They were praying for rain to come! Unfortunately, it seems like we will have to get used to more extreme weather patterns and challenging conditions for gardeners – we have an enormous task ahead of us in the form of climate change and every single action and decision counts. Some days this challenge seems insurmountable but then I feel encouraged by my fellow Swede Greta Thunberg – and we can’t let her down!

So, our November days have been short, wet and darkness comes early. We are working on finishing off the entire tour programme for 2020 and we are slowly geting there! It is nice to start the count-down to Christmas with lighting the first candle in my Swedish advent candlestick decorated with moss from my hometown Malmköping and little cheerful red and white toadstools.

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