Lockdown: staying at home in April and May

Well, what can I say about the months of April and May? The shock of the sudden lockdown in March gave way to quite a few content weeks where staying at home definitely felt safe and necessary. We settled into a routine with work and schoolwork for the boys, which had to be adjusted after a while when we realised there was no way we could get the boys out of bed at 8.30am. As Eddie, Grandpa and I were shielding, Tim ventured out to do the shopping but some items became difficult to buy: toilet paper, pasta, flour ….. and supermarket home delivery slots were like gold dust. Papers were full of recipes using cupboard ingredients and recipes of how to make bread without yeast. After a while we were finally able to secure deliveries weekly, for four households: ourselves, my father-in-law (who lives with us), my mother-in-law (who lives semi-independently nearby) and our elderly neighbours.

A few weeks into the lockdown though, it became difficult to focus and to be motivated. I am sure you will recognise the feeling of living in a bubble with frightening news constantly streaming on radio, TV and social media. It is a time we will never forget which is changing our outlook on life and relationships, I think forever.

Luckily, we had lots going on in the garden. The shed was in desperate need of painting, which involved emptying it and getting rid of years of accumulated rubbish. This was definitely a family job with everyone mucking in. Garden centres were one of the first businesses to open up mid- May (because the British count their garden as a ‘necessity’ not a ‘desirable’!) and we did one large shop with everything we might need for the coming months. Strict measures were in place… but it meant we could get on with our garden plans. We are learning as we go along with a very dry month of May, rosemary beetle invasion and over-planting around the roses – but we are enjoying it!

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