Cottage garden update, university visits and a new baby Ray

The month of June saw some heavy rains and a lot of humid sunshine towards the end. Which resulted in quite a boost of growth in our new cottage garden bed. Now, we are not claiming to be anyway near gardeners yet, but we are quite excited! Buzz and I tend to have a little evening walk to check on progress and to make sure that all the ewes and lambs in the neighbouring field are ok. A lot of poppies have self seeded as usual but we have kept most of them to bulk the bed out until the roses from Peter Beales start filling out.

Child number three, Charles, is now in the process of looking for a university course for 2020. So I have accompanied him to a couple of University Open Days this month, to Nottingham Trent and to Loughborough, both in the Midlands. He is unsure if he would like to study politics or law, so we jump in between departments and lecture talks to gain as much insight as possible! Will keep you posted as we go.

On a very, very hot day at the end of the month Tim, Charles, Eddie and I took the train down to London for the day, first of all to attend Tim’s and my nephew James’s ordination, taking place in the City of London at St Paul’s cathedral. James is Charles’s godfather and we are quite close to him and his family so it was a special day in very grand and beautiful surroundings. We wish him all the luck in his future ministry. The second delight of the day was to meet the newest baby Ray, a little girl called Jazmín – daughter of Nathan and Jenifer. Absolutely gorgeous and only a few weeks old, she managed the heat and the noise of the party very well! Congratulations and we are looking forward to seeing Jazmín grow.

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