Coronavirus pandemic, total lockdown and our emerging garden projects ….

At the beginning of March, we were following the global news reports on the spreading Coronavirus pandemic closely but were fairly optimistic that we were going to be able to run the first couple of tours at the beginning of the season, before travel would shut Europe down. We were not that lucky.

By the middle of the month it was absolutely clear that the pandemic was hitting the whole of Europe very hard. We realised that it was going to be very difficult for our customers to join our tours.

On a personal level we acted quickly on the government’s advise for people ‘at risk’ with underlying health problems to stay at home and isolate. Eddie and I have asthma and as the lockdown news and self-isolation advise started to come in, we were actually at a school rugby final, Eddie’s last in his school career as he and his friends move on to college and sixth forms in September. As the game went on into extra time, the dramatic news was that there should be no close personal contact, no gathering in groups and we were to socially distance ourselves – all this whilst I am watching Eddie getting stuck in on the rugby field, sharing water bottles and being very close up and personal! Anyway, that very evening, the 16th March, we decided that I should stay at home and for Eddie to stay away from school.

Consequentially, we have had a lot of time on our hands and luckily we had already ordered mulch for our new flower beds and more plants from Claire Austin. As we have tried to adjust to a new routine, (a less rigid one!), we have spent a lot of time enjoying the garden, planning ahead and started a few new projects. Watch this space!

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