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Sofia's blog

The depths of winter and the big move

The depths of winter and the big move

A lot of my time in January was taken up by supporting my mother-in-law Lois, Tim’s mum. It became very clear that she could not continue living independently in sheltered housing. So plans very made, quite quickly, to move into a scheme called housing-with-care where she would be fully supported and have care available around…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I must say that the months of November and December were incredibly busy with school commitments and extra rugby training for the boys, planning and writing tours for 2019 and getting to grips with our new website. In mid-December my parents came to visit from Sweden which turned out to be a lovely lead-up to…


Barcelona, sisterly love and the start of the rugby season

October started with an exciting long weekend in Barcelona. I met up with my sister, flying in from Sweden, for a few days of sightseeing, relaxation and a proper sisterly catch-up. Whenever we meet it tends to be so busy, so it was lovely to spend some time together in this gorgeous city. We found…

Busy summer fun, the Loire Valley and Stiffkey camping

Busy summer fun, the Loire Valley and Stiffkey camping

We are back in the office and at school after a very busy but enjoyable summer. Our summer plans developed around Eddie’s international scout camp, Norjam, which involved one week’s activities in the nearby city of Norwich. Tim then had the idea that if we could get rid of Charles for that same week, he…


10K race, pizza party and our new web site

On one of the hottest days of the year, so far, Charles and I ran our first 10K race. It was a local event, passing through farmland and some cooler woods. Most participants were serious club-runners and only a few were amateurs like Charles and I. Charles, bless him, managed to finish at his target…

The Norfolk Show and student celebrations

The Norfolk Show and student celebrations

Lily and I had a wonderful day out at the Norfolk Show. It is one of this country’s biggest traditional agricultural shows, complete with Best-in-Shows’ for cattle, sheep, fowl, flowers and vegetables – and if you want a new combine harvester, this is the place to come! It was a hot day and we watched…

Private visit to nicola Fry

Sofia’s own Swedish tour, passing-out parade and exam fever

In May, for the first time ever, I had the pleasure of accompanying a garden tour of my own. The group consisted of 18 Swedes, a group of knowledgeable garden entusiasts and friends who belong to a garden society in Western Sweden. We meandered through the early summer gardens of Kent, Sussex and Essex, the…


Start of the season, a family wedding and doing our bit for the planet!

Our garden tour season started, as it usually does, with our Cornwall & Bath tour. I enjoyed a few days together with our lovely group of garden enthusiasts and Tim at the wonderful Alverton Hotel in Truro. Both my daughters have accompanied Tim on the Cornish tour when they were younger and have stayed at the…

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