Sofia’s own Swedish tour, passing-out parade and exam fever

In May, for the first time ever, I had the pleasure of accompanying a garden tour of my own. The group consisted of 18 Swedes, a group of knowledgeable garden entusiasts and friends who belong to a garden society in Western Sweden. We meandered through the early summer gardens of Kent, Sussex and Essex, the classic gardens of the South of England: Sissinghurst, Great Dixter, and the Beth Chatto Gardens in Essex, which is famous for thriving in dry conditions. We had a lovely week of a large variety of gardens, sightseeing in Canterbury and the coastal town of Rye and a visit to the private garden of Nicola Fry. It was a successful week, so much so that we are planning for me to do a Rose tour in June next year!

Tim and I were invited by our eldest daughter Alice to attend her end-of-year parade at the Liverpool University Royal Naval Unit. She is very committed to the Unit and is involved in all aspects. At the parade we were pleased to learn that Alice has been successful in her application to become Senior Deputy Midshipman for her next, and final, year at University. Very proud parents indeed!

Lily, our second eldest, have started her A-levels, her national exams at Sixth Form. And at the same time, Charles, our third, is going through his GCSEs, his national exams at the end of High School. It is a pretty tense time at home I can tell you, with lots of late night study and cups of tea. Actually, the thought of the exams and the lead-up to them were much worse than the exams themselves… My main job has been to make sure they have enough sleep and food to keep them going!


Picture of our private visit to Nicola Fry’s garden the Old Palace near Canterbury

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