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The joining instructions for each tour are outlined under the drop-down menu 'Joining Instructions' to the righthand side of each tour page. The exact arrangements will be confirmed to you by email, a week or so before the tour.


Holiday insurance & European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
Please ensure that you have adequate holiday insurance. This insurance should include Personal Liability Insurance, Medical Insurance (including repatriation, if necessary) and Holiday Cancellation Insurance. If you are eligible for a EHIC, then please ensure that you have one and that you bring it with you.

Please note that we do not sell insurance, but we do recommend that you purchase your insurance in the country in which you reside.


If you are intending to arrive into Britain before the tour start date, or stay on in Britain after the end of the tour or, indeed, if you are joining a tour as a part of a longer visit to Britain, then we will assist you where we can with your travel arrangements, within Britain, but please remember that we are not travel agents, and we will make reasonable administrative charges for doing so.


Heathrow and Gatwick Airports
We do not collect customers from either Heathrow or Gatwick airport terminals, although many tours do collect from the Sheraton Heathrow Hotel and at other airport hotels, but only where the circumstances warrant it.

Airport waiting
Customers arrive from different airports, at different times and you might have to wait until all your fellow travellers have arrived before we leave an airport, or other meeting place.


If you are planning to join one of our tours - and you are flying a considerable distance to do so - then please:

  • check that the tour has space for you before you book your flights, and check with us too, that your proposed flight arrival and departure times are compatible with the tour.
  • consider arriving at least the day before the tour starts, so that you are refreshed from your flight, on the first day of the tour.

Baggage allowance
Moreover, if you are flying 'long haul' into Britain and are then considering flying 'short haul' - either within Britain or further afield - you may encounter problems with your baggage allowances, on your 'short-haul' flights. Please check allowances with all your airlines.

Updated 21 February 2016

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