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A little more detail and some additional information about our tours


Fitness & mobility

All our tours involve getting into and out of a minibus, and you must be able to do this independently - for safety reasons, if for no other reason. Otherwise, on our garden tours, it is up to to you how far and how quickly you walk; all the gardens have seats, and you can always sit and read a book, or watch the world go by. On other tours and, in particular, on our walking tours, a suitable level of fitness is required, and this may vary from tour to tour.

If you are at all concerned, as to the suitability of a particular tour or whether, or not, your own fitness and mobility may impair either you or the group, please discuss this with us, before booking.

Age limits
There is no upper age limit for our tours, although there is a lower age limit of 16.


The prices we give are per person, sharing a twin or double room, and these prices are quoted in the following four currencies:

  • GBP - Pounds Sterling
  • USD - US Dollars
  • EUR - Euros
  • SEK - Swedish Kronor

You will find the prices for each tour, on the righthand side of the relevant tour page, under the drop-down menu, headed 'Prices'.

The price includes the following:

  • all your accommodation on the tour
  • full English, Scottish or Welsh breakfast every day
  • dinner each evening
  • entrance to all gardens or other attractions
  • all transport within the tour
  • our personal service, throughout the tour

There are also occasions where we may include refreshement - such as, morning coffee, lunch, picnic lunch and afternoon tea - which are generally not included in the price of a tour, and this will be clearly stated in the tour itinerary. However, this is not to be confused with daily references in our itineraries to lunch, where we say it to indicate that lunch will be available, and that we have allowed time for it.

The price specifically excludes the following:

  • dinner on the final evening and drinks with your meals
  • any additional costs incurred by you at any of the gardens or other attractions and your personal costs incurred during any free day
  • your personal insurance costs
  • newspapers, telephone calls and similar sundry items
  • the costs of any additional administration

Single Person Supplement
We charge a supplement to single people travelling with us, to cover the cost of single-occupancy room charges levied on us by our accommodation.

You will find the single person supplement listed below the price.


Bedrooms & bathrooms
Bedrooms vary in size considerably, and not only from establishment-to-establishment, but within the same establishment, and what may be considered 'large' in one place may be considered 'small' in another. It is all relative.

Unless we tell you otherwise, your room will be en suite - although this may be with a bath, or with a shower, or with a bath and a shower. If you have a particular need or preference, then please let us know and we will endeavour to satisfy it.

Double and twin rooms
In Britain we say 'double-room' to mean one room with one bed for two people, and 'twin-room' to mean one room with two single beds. Please bear this in mind when booking!

Room allocation
We ask our hoteliers to allocate rooms on a first-come-first-served basis - i.e. the earlier you book, the better your room - so if the nature of your room is material to your booking, then please discuss this with us before booking.


We strongly recommend that you bring a good waterproof and windproof jacket and a pair of sturdy boots or shoes, remembering that, even at the height of a British summer, it can be wet and windy and, in any case, there will be gardens where it will be wet and uneven underfoot. At the beginning and towards the end of the tour season, you may like to consider a hat, scarf and gloves, too.

Otherwise, comfortable clothes, layers that you can pull on and strip off, seem to work best for walking around the gardens, exploring villages and getting into and out of the minibus.

Dress at dinner
On those days when we dine out, without first returning to our hotel, our casual day dress will be fine, though a spare pair of shoes (left in the bus for the day) won't go amiss. When we dine in, in the hotel dining room, it is fair to say that you will feel comfortable, dressed 'smart casual' to 'as smart as you like'! It is also fair to say that, broadly speaking, Jeans remain firmly on the 'casual' side of Britain's sartorial fence.

Tours with walking
There are specific requirements for tours with walking, and these requirements may be found in the 'Specific Notes', in each tour itinerary.

We must ask you to restrict your luggage to one main suitcase and one small day bag per person, with no piece of luggage being taller than 80cm (32in) (including wheels and handles etc) or wider than 50cm (20in), and a maximum weight of 23kg (50lb).

NB. The minibus luggage rack will NOT take bags taller than 80cm (32in).


VisitBritain, our national tourism agency, has a page on their excellent website devoted to practical information, historical and cultural background.

Pounds & pounds
May we remind you that we use Pounds Sterling, and not Euros or Dollars, and that, whilst most of the places we visit do take credit cards and bank debit cards, I recommend that you have a little cash for those smaller places that do not take cards. There will be opportunities to get cash from ATMs or High Street banks during the tour.

And, although we shop for kilos of cheese, metres of timber and litres of fuel, we still drive in miles per hour and drink pints of beer. As a nation, we remain metrically challenged!

Weather forecasts and temperatures
We recommend the BBC website for weather forecasts - click here and enter a place name in the Find a Forecast box - and we also recommend the BBC Weather app to download (search BBC Weather App).

In Britain, most of us talk about temperatures in degrees Centigrade, and not degrees Fahrenheit, but if you are a Fahrenheit person, then remember that 61°F is approximately 16°C (just transpose the numbers) and, likewise, 82°F is approximately 28°C and this, broadly speaking, is the range of British summer temperatures.

Please check that your mobile phone will work in the United Kingdom.

Please also read ' Booking & Paying', before booking a tour. Thank you.

Updated 21 February 2016

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